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Useful Free Uptime Monitoring Services For Your Server

One of many factors to consider before you buy a VPS is uptime. Especially if you want to use that VPS to host your high traffic websites. Down time is really really bad and it hurts SEO badly. Hence, it is better to know faster when your sites go down. Remember, an offline website doesn’t earn $$. Ensure you stay online.

Here in this page I compiled several website’s uptime monitoring services those are also offering free plans. Obviously there are downsides of using free plan compared to the premium plans but it is still worth it to try. You may consider to upgrade if your websites get serious amount of traffic and so your revenue 🙂

Let’s start the list with the one that I think the best of all other, meet Pingdom.

1. Pingdom

Pingdom is not just a web app providing uptime monitoring service but also other useful tools like website speed test, DNS health checker, ping and traceroute. Cheapest plan or their premium plans is available for $6.96 allowing you to have 10 checks plus 20 sms alerts per month. But there is a free plan that lets you monitor one website/server and includes Real User Monitoring. [link]

2. Uptime Robot

This one is also my very favorite. First because it is free (there is no paid plan in fact) and secondly because you can have 50 checks (that means 50 websites/servers to monitor) and each checked every 5 minutes, the shortest interval ever available for free service. Uh and they provide API too. How awesome is that! [link]


It is the free version of Monitis and it is built by the same company as TeamViewer. Monitor.Us is feature-rich, cloud-based service that monitors IT systems of all sizes from an easy-to-use, all-in one dashboard. And it’s free. No gimmicks, no contracts, no charge to you. Setup in just 3 minutes and discover the free monitoring tools at your disposal. They offer website monitoring, network monitoring, full-page load monitoring, server monitoring and mobile monitoring. [] **Update: has been acquired by Monitis.

4. Host Tracker

be the first to know when your website is down,” that’s their main slogan. Just like many other services, Host-tracker also provides free uptime monitoring plan. With their free plan you can have 2 URLs with 30 minutes monitoring interval each. That’s worth it. Premium plan available starting from $3.25/month for 5 URLs with 10 minutes checking interval. [link]

5. Basic State

Be first to find out about network outages, server outages, server overload, or dns configuration problems. With their service you can check your websites every 15 minutes, get trouble alerts by email, and daily uptime report with 14 day history. [link]

6. Status Cake

This one is also my favorite. Their website has very nice design and sleek user interface. has a network of monitoring centres throughout the world. With centres across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia, many of which support IPv6, you can choose where your website’s uptime is monitored from and how often. The best part, free plan can get 5 minutes check interval plus real browser testing feature. You should also try it. [link]

7. Uptime Spy

Their service is really reliable although with free plan you can only have 1 check or 1 website to monitor. The preimum plan allows you to monitor up to 30 websites. Their main features including World Geographic Monitoring Nodes, Uptime Reports, Multiple Location Checks, Public and Email Reports, and so on. [link]

8. MonTools

Their website has very simple interface but their service is really feature-rich. It checks your website or server at regular intervals specified by you and sends you an email, sms, twitter alert or a voice phone call (paid) as soon as it detects that your site is down. Even the free plan can have website monitoring, https monitoring, FTP monitoring, Apache monitoring, MySQL monitoring, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP monitoring plus DNS and Ping monitoring. Unluckily monitoring interval for the free plan is 30 minutes to 1 day. [link]

9. Site 24×7

Their free plan offers basic monitoring with 5 websites at 10 min poll interval. Basic monitoring supports: HTTP(S), FTP(S), DNS, PING, TCP, SSL, SMTP, POP, etc. [link]

10. Montastic

You get free monitoring service for few sites every 30 minutes. [link]

11. Free Site Status

They monitor your websites and servers from a network of 16 worldwide monitoring stations. They employ advanced verification technology to avoid false alarm. Monitoring interval for free plan is 60 minutes. [link]

12. Internetseer

Featuring false alarm protection. Free plan get 60 minutes monitoring interval.

13. Site Uptime

Free plan can get: 1 monitor, 30/60 minutes check, public statistic page, and of course updtime button [link]

14. LiveWatch

Free plan can get: 1 monitor, 10 minutes interval in normal and 5 minutes interfal in failure. The best part, 1 sms alert is available for free per month. [link]

15. Service Uptime

A free account lets you monitor one service and will check on your site or server every 30 minutes. [link]

16. Uptime Dog

Their free website monitoring service is here right for you. It will check availability of your website every 2 minutes to see if it is online and working, and notifies you to your email address if it is down. [link]

17. 100 Pulse offers two website monitoring for free with minimum interval of 15 minutes. [link]

18. Binary Canary

Their free account allows you to monitor up to 5 http/https pages at 15 minute intervals. [link]

19. New Relic is more than just uptime monitoring. Their service allows users to monitor performance of web apps, mobile apps, servers, even database and caching. Their free server monitoring tool allows users to get alerts for server health issues, including CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk I/O utilization, and disk capacity. Their free plan is available with basic features and 24 hours data retention with no advanced priority support. [link]

20. Anturis

Anturis offers a variety of monitoring plans to meet your IT infrastructure size. They have free website monitoring plan offering 5 monitors, 1 minute polling periode (wow..), and unlimited email alerts. [link]

21. Happy Apps offers great service to check and monitor status of all your apps and IT systems at once. It is capable to monitor wide variety apps from DBs, MQs, App Servers, Web Servers to custom apps. Checks are repeatedly executed on intervals of 1 to 5 minutes. Check can also execute custom queries and Regex searches. There is free plan features 5 checks with 5 minute monitoring interval. [link]


CloudStats is considered new service but they are offering generous quota uptime monitoring for free. Each free user can monitor his/her website’s uptime up to 100 websites per minute from 13+ locations worldwide [link]

23. Monitority boasts its service as totally free. It monitors your website for any downtime every minute. It provides unlimited websites/IPs/urls monitoring and it sends alert via email, text-sms, and tweet. The best part, all of those features are free. It doesn’t even have Premium or Pro plans. [link]

Key features :

  • Supports monitoring of domains, urls and ip addresses
  • HTTP / HTTPS with SNI
  • Unlimited number of checks
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Ping interval < 1 minute
  • Multiple geographic locations
  • Downtime notifications via Email, Twitter or SMS (all free)
  • Simple & Intuitive user interface
  • Tracks up/down and response time
  • Built-in panic thresholds

24. RapidSpike

This new uptime monitoring service offers free account with following features : unlimited websites/IPs/urls to monitor, 1-60 minutes check interval, unlimited users, custom notification rules, detailed report, and content matching features. It is very interesting to have custom notification rules that allowing a user to escalate server issues to different team members based on length of down-time. According to its Features page, RapidSpike also provides SEO Tracking feature that will track your site’s ongoing SEO scores on a number of metrics, including page links and domain MozRank. Check out all of its features here [link]

Which one?

So, which one do you use? Or may be you have another free service in mind? Why don’t you tell me so I can add to the list. Need recommendation? If you need to monitor only 1 site / server, use Pingdom. Need more? UptimeRobot is the best.


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