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VestaCP Performance on OpenVZ VPS – A Short Review

I will not talk about how fast is a website hosted at VPS running VestaCP on it. Instead, I will talk about how powerful is the performance of VestaCP to handle real website traffic on a real production environment. This short review is taken from my another website with following configuration :

  • Server : VPS (Virtual Private Server
  • Virtualization : OpenVZ
  • OS : CentOS 6 Minimal 32-bit
  • RAM : 2GB (512MB VSWAP)
  • CPU Model  : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 v3 @ 3.40GH
  • CPU Cores : 4x 3400 MHz
  • Provider : RamNode
  • Control Panel : VestaCP
  • Configuration : Nginx + Apache + PHP + MySQL
  • Website CMS / Platform : WordPress
  • Caching : WP Super Cache
  • Content Delivery Network : KeyCDN

Traffic Stats

Now let’s see to some stats about my website :

Here’s some stats recorded by HiStats about Unique Visitors and Page Views.

Number of users online : My website has between 100 – 200 users online at the same time.

Number of Users Online

Number of Unique Visitors (UV) and Pageviews :

My website receives between 15k – 17k unique visitors per day and between 30k – 40k pageviews per day.

Unique Visitors

Server Stats

Now let’s see how my server (with VestaCP) performs. The data below was taken when my website handled 220+ users online at the same time :

VPS Resource Usage

As you may can see from the stats recorded by NodeQuery above, average system load of my server is only 54% (1.57 2.15 2.60). It also consumes slightly more than 512MB RAM.

Here are the stats when my website got 150 users online :

less traffic resource usage


With all of the stats above I believe that VestaCP doesn’t consume much load on system resource. It can easily handle 17k UV per day and my server is still stable with no single blip. You may think that was due to my server specs but the stats show us that actually I can use VestaCP on a vps with 768MB RAM and 2 Core CPUs – assuming my website will receive the same numbers of traffic. Of course I also believe that the server I currently use will still be able to handle more visitors traffic with current specifications and configuration. In conclusion, VestaCP is, unlike what most people thought, not as heavy as many hosting control panel in terms of server’s resource usage. It’s pretty lightweight and on top of that it’s free. However, the result may vary depending on your website configuration. One more thing, it can be is faster and more lightweight if I use Nginx + PHP-fpm configuration on VestaCP. Websites with visitors traffic of 8k – 10k per day, I believe, can make use of VestaCP installed on 512MB VPS.

That’s all. I hope this short review can answer many doubts and questions on how VestaCP can handle real production website. There was someone asking me through contact page. His questions was “Can my 512MB VPS with VestaCP handle 10k visitors per day?” Therefore, this short review should already answer that question. What do you think? Do you use VestaCP on your server? How is it going?

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