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ChicagoVPS Review, Promos and Coupon Codes – Are you currently looking for very stable, trusted and recommended US-based VPS? You may take a look at, a 99.9%-uptime-guarantee vps hosting with main datacenter at Dupont Fabros Technology. However they also provide options (as I see in their OpenV plans) to choose from 6 available locations across US: Chicago, Buffalo, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Piscataway, and Dallas while their KVM VPS’s are available in 2 locations, Choopa’s datacenter in New Jersey and QuadraNet’s datacenter in Los Angeles. They are fully registered in the state of New York under their parent company – New Wave NetConnect, LLC. Additionally – ChicagoVPS is also BBB accredited with an A rating.

About ChicagoVPS was started with one primary goal in mind; offer reasonably priced, high quality internet solutions hosted from the world-class Dupont Fabros datacenter in Chicago. Their entire infrastructure is built for performance, with only the highest grade enterprise class servers and network equipment utilized. Managed by a group of tech junkies with an acute sense for business, is built to please even the most particular customers.

Server Performance

We’ve seen lot of positive reviews about them already whether in some webhosting forums, individual’s blogs, or some sites reviewing about vps and hosting providers. Whether their OpenVZ or KVM and SSD or SSD-Cached VPS plans are performing well I/O, IOPS and Bandwidth speed. Yet, their highest UnixBench score is 4805.1 (courtesy of ServerBear, Benchmark score using UnixBench 5.1.3)



Available plans: (RAM/BW/Disk/Price)


  • Basic (128MB/100GB/10GB/$12/year)
  • Starter (256MB/500GB/10GB/$6.95/m)
  • Standard (512MB/1000GB/20GB/$9.95/m)
  • Professional (1024MB/1500GB/30GB/$14.95/m)
  • Enterprise (2048MB/2000GB/50GB/$24.95/m)


  • Starter (256MB/500GB/10GB/$6.95/m)
  • Standard (512MB/1000GB/20GB/$9.95/m)
  • Professional (1024MB/1500GB/30GB/$14.95/m)
  • Enterprise (2048MB/2000GB/50GB/$24.95/m)
  • Corporate (4096MB/4000GB/100GB/$39.95)

Promo Offers

This section contains latest known promo offers but however I don’t guarantee the offers are still available / valid at the time you are reading this. I don’t regularly check latest valid promo but what listed below are still valid at the time I’m writing this article:

KVM SSD-Cached 512MB: [link]
(512MB RAM/300GB BW/15GB SSD-cached/100Mbps port/$25/year)

KVM SSD-Cached 1536MB [link]
(1536MB RAM/2000GB BW/40GB SSD-cached/1Gbps port/$7/m)

OpenVZ SSD-Pure 2048MB [link]
(2048MB RAM/2000GB BW/20GB SSD/1Gbps port/$7/m)

OpenVZ SSD-Pure 1024MB [link]
(1024MB RAM/1000GB BW/20GB SSD/1Gbps port/$4.5/m)

Coupon Codes

Latest known coupon:

STEALOFADEAL – Get the CVPS Enterprise plan for just $40 if you pay yearly. That’s 80% savings.

Additional value:

They also offer free central backups, free automated weekly node backups and free DNS hosting are all included.


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