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Recommended Server #4: OVH Kimsufi

OVH Kimsufi

First In The World! €2.99/month Dedicated Server by OVH Kimsufi – Probably this is so far the cheapest Dedicated server offer from Europe’s most reliable and trusted provider, OVH. The France-based privately owned web hosting company has just announced the release of their new super-efficient Gravelines Datacenter (DC). Yet, to make the world even better, along with the new DC they also release -probably- world’s cheapest unmanaged Dedi server plans offering 2 or more 1.6GHz core, 100Mbps unmetered bandwidth guaranteed, 2GB RAM, and massive 500GB HDD. Of course there are also few higher plans from that (details after the jump below).

About OVH Kimsufi

OVH is very well-known server provider based in France. They built and owned their own Datacenter. Kimsufi is part of OVH division offering lowend Dedi. Kimsufi is shortly a server simple enough for most of your needs on the net. To ensure the best price without compromising on quality, they removed everything but the bare necessities, with the best quality, and the most cutting edge technology.  Ideal to run yourself, on the web, the Kimsufi range can match your needs and you can enjoy many services through the wide choice of operating systems on offer.

Server Performance


You can check all available benchmark test results here.


Available Plans: Please check at official site (b’coz so many of it)

Best Low End Dedicated Server Plans:

Kimsufi KS2G: [link]

Processor: Intel Atom Diamondville Cedarview (C.2/T.2) 1.6GHz
Disk: 500GB
Port speed: 100Mbps
Bandwidth: SLA
Price: £2.49

Kimsufi KS4G: [link]

Processor: Intel Atom Diamondville Cedarview (C.2/T.2) 1.6GHz
Disk: 1TB
Port speed: 100Mbps
Bandwidth: SLA
Price: £8.99

Kimsufi KS16G: [link]

Processor: Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge (C.4/T.4) 3.1+GHz
Disk: 2x1TB Raid
Port speed: 100Mbps
Bandwidth: SLA
Price: £16.99

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