Guest post is not something new and here at Servermom, I also start accepting guest article to publish at my blog due the fact I am getting more busy day by day.

Who can write for us?

Anyone! Just make sure you follow the criteria below:

  1. Must be related to: Linux, VPS, Apache, Nginx, Varnish, or anything about how to manage a server (including control panel software)
  2. Must be a tutorial (how to) with screenshot images. Please explain step by step.
  3. Must never be posted in this blog before, except if you found another way/method.
  4. The tutorial can be how to do something or how to fix / troubleshoot any problem.
  5. Every article will be published under my name (it is good for me and you – I believe).
  6. Every article can only have 2 links to your website/blog, 1 link to another related web page, and 1 link to another post of this blog.
  7. All outgoing links are rel=nofollow (it is good for me and you – I believe).

What’s the benefit?

You’ll get 2 links to your website(s) for free or I’ll send you $5 – $10 to your PayPal (your choice). However if you choose to have 2 links to your website(s), those links will be permanent.

However if your article is below 200 words, then you can only have 1 link or $5 cash.

What Topic Should I Write?

You don’t have to write complicated / advanced tutorials (even you are allowed to) but a tutorial about basic stuff is also welcome (e.g: how to install / uninstall Nginx, how to increase PHP upload limit, etc).

Some popular topics you can consider: Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, Litespeed, VestaCP, zPanel, Webmin, Phpmyadmin, Kloxo, VPN, CentOS, Ubuntu, Node.js, Varnish Cache, Configuration Management, Server Optimization, Security tweak, etc.

Submitting Your Post

Interested? Just send your article in plain text format (.txt) and all supporting images zipped to sawiyatifandi[at]gmail[dot]com.