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10 Low End NAT IPv4 VPS Providers

Because NAT IPv4 VPS becomes popular lately, so I want to list few low end providers those are offering NAT IPv4 VPS plans. So what is NAT IPv4 VPS? Network Address Translation (NAT) is the process where a network device, usually a firewall, assigns a public address to a computer (or group of computers) inside a private network. So a VPS that’s utilizing this kind of technology is shortly understand-able as a VPS with shared IPv4. But however, most of them are still providing many IPv6 IPs.

Generally, the main use of NAT is to limit the number of public IP addresses an organization or company must use, for both economy and security purposes. In low end vps world, the main purpose of NATted VPS is also to make the price as low as possible. Shortly it’s just like any common VPS you usually bought it but it comes with Shared IPv4, not dedicated.

What can you use this kind of low end vps? Here it is few examples of what you can do with it:

  • Host a website on port 80 at the IPv6 or shared IPv4
  • VPN
  • Proxy (private, protected)
  • IRC client/server
  • Teamspeak server
  • Anything you want with native IPv6

Are you ready? So here is the list..

#1 – Low End Spirit

lowendspirit comes in my first list because it is a well-known brand providing NAT IPv4 VPS. Their parent brand is Inception Hosting which is also popular. Despite the low price they are still able to offer the great features brought by SolusVM which allows users to seamlessly reinstall, reboot, shutdown, boot, change hostname, get network information, get statistics regarding server and much more. The best part, they also employ HAProxy technology which is load balancing, round robin and HA (High availability) features are made available when users buy packages in more than one location and is configured for users by their team.

They also become popular because available locations users can select. As per now, LowEndSpirit operates node servers in Retterdam (NL), Nottingham (UK), Milan (Italy), Dallas (TX, US), Tokyo (JP), Sydney (AU), Lenoir (US), Los Angeles (US), and Dusseldorf (Germany). Lowest plan available is €3.00EUR per year offering 128MB RAM with various GB of Disk space (depends on location you choose).

#2 –

i83 is a privately funded VPS provider exists since 2013. The cheapest plan available is £2.50GBP for a NAT IPv4 VPS with 128MB of RAM and 5 GB HDD at Roubaix France. The best part, the plan includes free DDOS protection already.

#3 – Nano VZ

nanovz is considered new but the provider has gained attention and trust already from their users. The company behind this outstanding service is EvoBurst Solution and in partnership with LowEndSpirit, they are now providing NAT IPv4 low end vps with lowest offer available is starting at only €1.50/Year for a plan with 64MB RAM, 1GB HDD, and /64 IPv6.

#4 – MegaVZ

megavz is actually the “more RAM” version of NanoVZ. For every plan, they give you a /64 IPv6 Subnet (yes, that’s 18 Quintillion Addresses) and access via a Shared IPv4 Address. You will have a preconfigured SSH Port, and 20 Extra ports to use for software like Postfix, sFTP, etc. The cheapest plan offered is 4.50 € /year for a VPS with 256 MB RAM + 256 MB vSwap, 20 NAT IPv4 ports + 1 SSH, 4GB HDD and 500GB bandwidth.

#5 – Deepnet Solutions

deepnet-solutions is a Canadian-based provider which is also doing business in low end segment. They were before known on the name of Gestion DBI, NetworkChannel and TheMineator were those service is specialise into vps, webhosting and game server. The lowest NAT IPv4 plan available is $1.80/year for a VPS with 64MB RAM, 1GB HDD, 100GB bandwidth, 1x NAT IPv4, 20 Forwarded Ports + 1 SSH Port, /80 IPv6 Subnet and free DDOS protection at Montreal Canada.

#6 – Defined Code Hosting

definedcode offers mini VPS plans with NAT IPv4 at two locations: Netherlands and France. Their Mini 64 plan is purchase-able for £4/year and you’ll get a mini box with 64MB RAM, 3GB HDD, 20 NAT IPv4 ports + 1 NAT IPv4 SSH ports. However all mini plans have no IPv6.

#7 – Host Rail

hostrail is a provider specializing in NAT IPv4 vps. All their plans are NAT IPv4. Their cheapest plan is $1.49/year for a vps with 64MB RAM, 5GB RAID1 Disk, and free DDOS protection. While Lowendspirit uses HAProxy, Hostrail uses Nginx as reverse proxy which is available by ticket.

#8 – Web Rimium

webrimium is also offering mini NAT IPv4 vps plans with the cheapest one is available for $7/year for a box with 64MB RAM (burstable to 386MB), 1GB HDD, and 1 IPv6 + NAT IPv4.

#9 – DollarVZ

DollarVZ is basically another brand of Nexhost. As the name suggests, DollarVZ offers dirt cheap VPS plans starting at $1.35/year for a box with 64MB RAM, 5GB HDD, and free DDOS protection. However it has no IPv6. Node server is located at Seattle.

#10 – Swiss Node

swissnode is a provider based in Zurich Swiss. They also offer NAT IPv4 plans for around $14/year for a VPS with 256MB RAM, 30 GB HDD and 10 IPv6.

#10 – Little Happy Cloud really stands for its name. It is a provider that offers low end KVM VPS. Cheapest plan starts only $5.25/year for 128MB RAM VPS with 3GB SSD-Cached disk. LHC is backed by Inception Hosting Limited.

That’s all for now. Know another? Please do not hesitate to tip me so I can add more in the list.


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