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So it’s been a month is hosted at cloud server. As promised, here I am posting an update about how this blog performs and what issue this blog been faced during 1 month period. As a refresh, is another cloud server provider powered with fast SSD, solid hardware and flexible per second billing. The company itself has been established in 1994 based in Florida, US so it means they are not an amateur in hosting industry.

My Server Setup

Hosted at cloud vps with following specs: 4GB RAM, 100GB SSD, 2 vCPU and 5TB bandwidth transfer, this blog is using full Vesta CP stack (Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PHP5) minus its DNS server because I’m using Cloudflare to handling DNS tasks. On top of that, since June 25, I put Varnish Cache server in front of main Vesta CP server. I also am using Ramnode but for backup purpose only and not serving traffic directly. You can preview my detailed configuration here.

Performance Review

To simplify things, I’ve been using Nixstats to monitor this blog’s uptime and server performance. Below I show you the results taken directly from my Nixstats dashboard.


click on image to view larger version


Average ping response time was 1.5 ms and highest response time ever was 3.8 ms. That’s pretty impressive.


and this is highest traffic speed:



Average memory usage is around 3.8 GB with average processes commited at RAM is 2.2GB



This part is pretty interesting as my server experienced few CPU usage spikes on June 24, 2015. The highest usage ever is 97% which if I recall that time it was 4.x 4.x 4.x at 2 CPU. That was then down to normal after I installed and put Varnish Cache server running in front of it on June 25, 2015.



Highest transaction at disk was 202 operations with I/O speed between 400 – 600k which is not even a half of its (SSD) true performance.



The top process consumes my server resource is obviously httpd (Apache). It ever reaches 89.3% of system resource including CPU and RAM.



Server uptime is outstandingly 100% but my website uptime is 99.99% with 1 incident. It was on June 19, 2015. This blog was inaccessible for about 2 – 3 minutes caused by network maintenance at ISP-level (bandwidth provider) doing BGP re-convergence. Except that, everything is running smoothly. That 2 min downtime is not even detected by Uptimerobot’s 5 min monitoring.

Fastest response:
DNS: 6 ms, Connect: 19 ms, Time to first byte: 233 ms, Total: 258 ms.

Slowest response:
DNS: 660 ms, Connect: 690 ms, Time to first byte: 925 ms, Total: 981 ms.


Response time Uptimerobot’s version

Fastest: 78 ms and Slowest: 265 ms (last 24 hours stats). Latest 3 minutes downtime recorded was on April 9, 2015 which was not hosted at yet.



So far so good with nothing major happened. I am so happy about how it performs serving and hosting this blog. You can always preview this blog performance at Please stay tuned for my 3 months review!


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