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Switching Back to Cloudflare

I’ve been busy few days ago and was a bit frustrated looking for in which part of my configuration making old cache won’t flush. You may noticed for few days that was always displaying old posts (so where’s the new posts). I thought it was my Varnish configuration (*.vcl) but then I realized it wasn’t. Then come to think Incapsula’s free CDN service that might be the main culprit. Hence, I simply switch back to Cloudflare, a similar service with free DNS management service as a twist (so I no longer use CloudNS – don’t get me wrong, they’re good but I don’t need it).


As a flashback, I was using Incapsula in front of my Varnish Cache load balancing server (see my server setup) as an effect of three days Crocweb’s down time due to massive DDOS attack.

So from now on, I hope you start seeing my latest posts displayed in the frontpage. If not, hit Control+F5 on your keyboard telling your browser to force refresh (reload) the web page instead of displaying from browser’s cache.

Any suggestion and comment much appreciated.


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