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RamNode Coupon Code (August 2013)

ramnode-logo-newRamNode has announced another coupon code to get discounted price rate for any of their SSD or SSD-Cached VPS Plans either OpenVZ-based or KVM-based. This August special coupon code of RamNode makes you to get 38% off price. For your information, RamNode is a popular low end VPS provider offering high performance unmanaged VPS servers with very affordable price.  I put RamNode as one of my recommended VPS providers.

Great News About RAMNODE


First, it is about a week ago that RamNode announced new location option, Netherland. Yup, in case if you want another locations instead of two earlier ones (Atlanta and Seattle).

Secondly, Ramnode has acquired recently. is just similar to RamNode but they only offer Netherland VPS servers. So now RamNode expands to Europe!


Coupon Codes

WOWNUM1 (38% OFF Lifetime) will expire in a week (released August 15, 2013)

rn15off (15% OFF Lifetime)

SB31 (31% OFF Lifetime)

ATL25 (25% OFF for Atlanta VPS plans)

LET30 (30% OFF Lifetime)

T.O.S Preview
Nothing illegal in the US or anything that is disruptive is allowed. Adult, Tor (Relays only; No exit nodes), IRC and VPN is allowed. TUN/TAP–PPP is available. So what are you waiting for? Visit RamNode and get your fastest high performance VPS now!

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