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Digital Ocean Invansion: Singapore node is now available

“South East Asia I’m Coming…!” Finally world’s most affordable cloud server provide, Digital Ocean is now coming to Asia, well it is in Singapore to be exact. Hence, users who want good connectivity with low latency can create their Droplet choosing Singapore in the “select region” section. It means so far Digital Ocean (DO) has 4 (four) locations can be chosen: New York (US), San Fransisco (US), Amsterdam (NL) and Singapore (Asia).

digitalocean singapore

From their official email:

Hello, Singapore! You asked and we delivered…

Announcing the opening of our first datacenter in Singapore (SGP1)! This is highly anticipated news, as users throughout Asia Pacific and nearby regions such as India and Australia will have greater connectivity and a better overall experience.

We will continue to invest heavily in our infrastructure as more datacenters are added throughout the world. This is one of many exciting announcements to come within the first half of this year.

How this will benefit you?

Obviously if you wish to create a website or a web app targeting people who live around that region (all countries around Singapore like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and so on), then hosting your web site / app in Singapore is really a great choice to gain faster load speed as well as reduced latency.

There are not so many cloud hosting providers offering Singapore location and if you found one, it would be not as affordable as what DO can offer you.

Some people also said this location is good for Australians but some users say the latency is not as good as expected.

Order your cloud server in Digital Ocean’s Singapore datacenter here. Need a coupon code to claim your free usable credit? Use this:

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