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CrocWeb is Down! And So This Blog

Since yesterday ServerMom could not be reached. I know that’s so painful but it’s CrocWeb that was DDOS-ed with very huge scale taking all their servers down for more than 24 hours.

The monitor Servermom ( is back UP (OK) (It was down for 21 hours, 43 minutes and 31 seconds).

That’s quite a shocking news since CrocWeb is very reputable web hosting company based on Canada. Many webmasters and bloggers say CrocWeb is the main rival of HawkHost.

Main CrocWeb homepage was also inaccessible so the only way users can reach them was only via Twitter or Facebook. The worst thing they could not give ETA. To think of it, it must be very large DDOS attacks they got.

Thanks God now their servers are up again and so ServerMom.

Personal Conclusion

What do I learned?

First, DDOS attack can be that bad so you better always be prepared.

Secondly, always make regular backup of your files and database.

That’s all. All my VPS boxes are now running specific project each so I have to consider buying another box to migrate this blog out of here.

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They offer 3 months free by submitting ticket:

During the past few days we have been the target of severe DDOS attacks. Due to the large attacks which affected other clients in the datacenter, our datacenter had to null-route all of our IP ranges. We were able to work with them and had the null-routes removed as of this morning. All of our servers were relocated to a new datacenter which has 10 times more network capacity to prevent such issues in the future. We are also looking into getting protection but it may take a while.

We understand the lack of communication between the attacks however our team has been working day and night to get everyone back online. All servers should be back online now.

All affected clients may submit a billing ticket to receive 3 months of free service. All requests must be made within the following 7 days.

We understand uptime is very important for your websites and we still strive to deliver 100% uptime each month however such issues can occur. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this and thank you for your cooperation.

If you require further assistance, please submit a support ticket from your client area and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

But it does really hurt


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