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Q&A: VPS Without NS

Original Question: Dear ServerMom, your website is great and full of very usable information. Thumbs UP!

I’m quite new in server management. I used only shared web hosting till now. Few weeks ago i got opportunity buy VPS with good resources for very good money. But only problem is that they don’t have own NameServers, just one IP and IPv6 per VPS. I deployed my VPS with Vesta CP but i need detailed manual for case if my domain registrar have only options put NS or IP or IPv6 and no DNS and how run base web, subdomains, emails etc. Not just only advises put IP to registrar and set-up DNS in CP.

I will be happy for as more advises as you can tell me and maybe is it good idea for new article – i think i’m not alone with similar questions.

Thank you.


Hi Martin, I’m sorry but I have to review your question first.

  1. So you bought a VPS and what you get is one IP and IPv6 per VPS.
  2. The VPS provider where you bought a VPS does not have / provide free DNS management.
  3. You’ve installed Vesta CP on the VPS.

For that situation, I wrote a tutorial regarding how to add your new website in Vesta CP. You can read -again- the article here and please refer to point 2 in section A. In case if your domain is (for example), then you can put in there and

Next, proceed to section B and do not forget to check the “DNS Support” option when adding your website to Vesta CP. By doing all those steps, you have basically already enabled DNS functionality on your Vesta CP vps. Do remember that along with Vesta CP installation, the process includes DNS server installation, which is BIND.

Got it? So till this point all you have to do is just going to your domain registrar and change your domain’s nameserver (NS) to use ns1 and (again, it’s an example).

For your information, what I’ve explained above for the case if you want to use your own NS with your domain. However, you can also use other / third-party DNS server like or (see complete list of free DNS service here).

Also, if you purchased your domain at big registrar like GoDaddy or NameCheap, I’m pretty sure they also provide free DNS management feature.

That’s it and I hope that answer your question.

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