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Mini Ebook: How to Install Node.js

install node.js ebook

Download free ebook contains detailed guide on how to install Node.js on Ubuntu or CentOS server. A step by step tutorial with screenshot pics.

I explained already how to get latest development version of NodeJS installed on your server. The tutorials make use of “Git clone” technique to retrieve cloned source code then build it in your server (the article available here for CentOS and here for Ubuntu). I like this method because it is simple but for some people, that Git method is avoided except if you are a developer, a ninja geek, or a NodeJS addict. Why? Because the version installed is not the latest stable public version.

So how to install its latest stable version or how can we install certain version of Node.js on either Ubuntu or CentOS VPS? So here it is I wrote the guide and compiled the articles in an ebook.

This is my first release of the upcoming ServerMom’s Mini Ebook Series.

Why ebook? Simply because the tutorial is explained in steps with screenshot pic available for each step making newbie being confident to follow the steps. Hence, it will be too long to post all of it in this blog in single post page.

About This Ebook

  1. Title: How to install Node.js on CentOs and Ubuntu
  2. Total Page: 26 pages
  3. Price: Free
  4. Download size: 2.26MB

Well, it’s not totally free though. You have to pay it with a tweet or facebook share to show your love to ServerMom 🙂

Download for free if you pay with a Tweet!

I hope you like it. Thanks..


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