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Kloxo-MR Basic Configuration

So you installed Kloxo-MR already on your CentOS VPS. What’s to do next? Here it is some initial tasks you can follow to have some basic setups of your Kloxo-MR-powered server before hosting your websites on it.

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How to Install Kloxo-MR on CentOS Server.

Step 1 – Open up Kloxo-MR default login page on your browser. It is accessible via your server’s IP address:

https://1ip-address:7777 – secure ssl connection, or..
http://1ip-address:7778 – normal one.

Default username is admin and password is also admin.


Step 2 – After that you’ll be prompted to change default password. This is crucial to avoid your server being hacked easily.


Step 3 – Once logged in, you may also have to change small php.ini parameters.


Edit some basic configs in the first tab:


Click the Update button then go to the “Advanced PHP Configure” tab where you can edit some other necessary PHP configuration like to enable/disable Allow URL FOpen, change PHP max execution time, change PHP memory limit, maximal file size allowed to upload, etc.


Once done, click the update button.

Step 4 – Now go to Basic menu > Web Server Configure. You can choose which PHP version to run and whether to use multiple PHP version or not. Do not also forget to define which PHP Type you want to use (php-fpm, suphp, etc).



Step 5 – Enable LxGuard to add more basic security layer of your Kloxo-MR server. Go to Security menu > then LxGuard.


Step 6 – Do not forget to set the identification name for your mail server so public mail servers like gmail, hotmail and yahoo will not automatically reject emails from your server. In the top menu click Basic > then Server Mail Settings.


Step 7 – Change default Kloxo-MR login port so no one will attempt to brute-force the login page. Go to Advanced > Port Configure. Use any unused ports:


Step 8 – Next, add your first DNS Template via Resource > DNS Template menu:


Step 9 – Next, you may also need to change default SSH port (22) to avoid bruteforce login. Go to Security menu then SSH Configure (also read: Basic CentOS Configuration).


Step 10 – Add your first resource plan via Administration > Resource Plans (this acts like Hosting Packages / Plans at many web hosting providers). Each value is up to you.


Step 11 – Instead using default admin login, it is better to also create user. A user is a user account with limited privilege and ability which you set already according to which package that user is assigned to (e.g: Basic plan). You can create many user accounts for yourself, your family, friends or even clients (e.g: sell webhosting service). To create one, go to Task menu then click Add Customer:


In this example I assigned a user to basic plan I created earlier.


Once created, that user can login to Kloxo-MR panel using the same login URL as yours (admin).

That’s all.

Next guide: Adding your first website on Kloxo-MR.


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