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$18/year HostHatch 256MB RAM OpenVZ SSD VPS

Another promo from a VPS provider that focuses on Disk speed and reliable network, HostHatch. The provider is a registered server hosting company in Tampa, Florida, USA but there are 3 locations available: Florida, USA (US); Amsterdam, Netherland (NL) and Stockholm, Sweden.

Personally I grabbed a 128MB OpenVZ NL box from them and it performs really great.


The promised I/O speed SSD can deliver is also really fast.

The Promotion Deal

Currently there are few very nice offers available to celebrate HostHatch’s third anniversary (which was April 11th):

OpenVZ Deals:





KVM Deals:



p.s: Do not forget to enter correct coupon code during order. These promotions will end on May 1st. So be fast!

Additional IPv4 are $2 each per month and additional IPv6 can be added for free on request. Also, they provide optional DDoS-protected IPs in the Netherlands and Los Angeles (USA) for $5/month, with protection up to 20Gbps/8M PPS.

HostHatch’s new nodes are equipped with Intel E5-1650v2 CPU, at least 64GB DDR3 RAM, and the new LSI SAS3 RAID controllers.

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