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Easiest Way To Install WordPress On Unmanaged Ubuntu Server

In this tutorial I will show you exactly how to install WordPress on the unmanaged Ubuntu server I setup using previous tutorial. This server has no control panel software like cPanel and it has also no one-click installer script like Fantastico and Softaculous. But what I will show you here is also not the manual way. So how’s then?

Did you remember Tuxlite? It is a free collection of shell scripts for rapid and easy deployment of LNMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQl, PHP) stack on low-end budget server running Debian or Ubuntu. With Tuxlite you can setup a working server to host your websites and blogs in less than 30 minutes. But yet, Tuxlite also has a feature allowing its user to deploy not just the LAMP or LNMP stack, but also world’s most popular blogging platform, WordPress.

What you need?

  1. A working server runs either Ubuntu or Debian with LAMP or LNMP stack setup already. Read our guide about it here.
  2. All needed in our previous guide about installing Tuxlite.

How To Install

Step 1 – Login to your server via SSH client you wish. In Linux and Mac you can simply use terminal while in Windows, Putty is the best tool available.

Do not forget to login using your new username created when installing Tuxlite. You will not be able to login as “root” because it has been disabled. Once you logged in, type “su” then hit Enter. You will be asked for password.

login user

Step 2 – Now go to the root folder and navigate to the Tuxlite folder:

cd ~
cd tuxlite

tuxlite folder

Step 3 – Here it is the key point, type command below to execute script available in Tuxlite directory.


Step 4 – Now choose for which domain you wish to install WordPress in it. Type its number only.

choose domain

Step 5 – Next, you’ll be asked to define database name in which WordPress will store its database to it. In this example I use “wp_dbtest”.

Step 6 – The next step, the script will ask you whether you want to install WordPress in a directory under your domain or not. Simply leave it blank and hit Enter if you want to install WordPress in the root folder.

choose database

Step 7 – Confirm it then hit Enter again. All you need to do now is wait till the process complete. In my case it finished in just 1 minute.

install complete

Step 8 – The last step, open your favorite web browser (I use Firefox) then visit your domain name. You’ll be greeted with WordPress installation page. I’m sure from here you knew what to do next.

My verdict : Included WordPress installer script in Tuxlite is really a cool feature you should try. It is just perfect if you want to setup a new self-hosted WordPress blog on an unmanaged server without any control panel in it. So, do you want to build a blog and setup a host server with either Nginx or Apache? Use Tuxlite! it saves much of your time.

Q: Why don’t you censor anything in the screenshot pics above?
A: That’s because all screenshot pics above are taken from my Playground server which is not a live server to host actual site (this blog). I can simply rebuild, reinstall even destroy that server.


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