This is the ultimate guide how to build, setup and config CentOS-based unmanaged web server on VPS or Dedicated servers. Very complete tutorials for newbie. Going back to my vision with this blog: to help newbies with no knowledge at all how to build a working live server to host a production website in an unmanaged server without having to use Control Panel software like WHM/cPanel, Kloxo, and so on. I posted an index page of all my tutorials regarding Ubuntu server building, so I gonna make this page as an index of all basic tutorials to build server running OS.

Before you proceed, these are basic skills you have to master or at least know part of it:
How to use Putty (Windows) – Mac and Linux use Terminal
Most popular and common commands use in SSH-ing a server


1. Basic CentOS Setup Before Building A Working Server

All essential things you have to do in the first time to build a web server on CentOS 6.

2. Install Apache Web Server and PHP5 on CentOS

How install and setup Apache and PHP on CentOS VPS or Dedicated server. This tutorial covers all SSH commands needed to install Apache web server and PHP5.

3. Install MySQL Database Server on CentOS

Easy and simple way to install MySQL on CentOS VPS or Dedicated server. A guide posted for newbie to learn how to build working server to host a website.

4. Adding New Website In Your CentOS + Apache server

This tutorial will guide you how to add new site and domain to your CentOS server with Apache, PHP5 and MySQL including how to add Apache virtual hosts file.

5. Install and Configure Postfix Mail Server

How to setup Postfix on VPS or Dedicated CentOS server to send email.

6. Setup Cyrus Mail Handler

How to setup and configure Cyrus to handle email on CentOS server.

7. Install WordPress on CentOS + Apache + MySQL (LAMP Server)

Download and Install WordPress on VPS or Dedicated CentOS server running Apache without cPanel.

8. Domain Setup To Connect It To Your Server

Connecting Your Server With Your Domain Using Free DNS Manager.

9. How to Install vsftpd (FTP Server)

How to install Very Secure FTP on your CentOS server. Looking for the way how to upload, download, edit, manage and organize all your website’s files stored remotely in your CentOS server.

10. How to Install Varnish 3 on CentOS LAMP Server

How To Install and Configure Varnish Cache on CentOS with Apache Web Server. – Varnish is a well-known free software licensed under a two-clause BSD licence aimed to boost server performance.

11. How to Install Nginx and PHP5 on CentOS

In this page you’ll see step by step tutorial how to build a CentOS server with Nginx, PHP5 (with fpm) and MySQL or simply called LNMP aka LEMP stack.

12. Adding New Website in Your CentOS + Nginx Server

This tutorial shows you how to add new website on a CentOS server with Nginx and how to setup, configure and edit Nginx server blocks.

13. Install WordPress on CentOS + Nginx + MySQL (LNMP / LEMP Server)

Complete Tutorial how to build CentOS Nginx server to host WordPress blog. Setup instructions from 0 – 10. Step by step guide for newbie.

14. WordPress and W3 Total Cache Plugin in CentOS + Nginx Server

Optional, if you wish to use W3 Total Cache plugin on Nginx server, this article may help you.

15. Install Fail2Ban

Protect your server from brute-force attacks using Fail2ban.

16. Install Complete LAMP Stack (one page guide)

How to install Apache, MariaDB mysql, PHP5 and PhpMyAdmin

17. Install Complete LEMP Stack (one page guide)

How to install Nginx, MariaDB mysql, PHP5 and PhpMyAdmin

CentOS 7 All-in-one Guide

A. Install Apache, MySQL (MariaDB) and PHP 5 (LAMP) on CentOS 7

This is a one-page guide to setup a working LAMP server on CentOS 7. We’ll use MariaDB instead original MySQL server.

B. Install Nginx, MySQL (MariaDB) and PHP-fpm (LNMP) on CentOS 7

Nginx is a really great alternative to Apache. It is considered faster and vps-friendly. This tutorial will guide you how to install and setup a working LNMP / LEMP stack on CentOS 7.


Did installing and setting up all of those one by one such painful? So you may also try these:

A. How to Install zPanel CP on CentOS

zPanel is free control panel to manage your VPS as a web hosting server. Installation already includes Apache, PHP5, MYSQL, PHPMYADMIN, FTP, Mail Server, and so on. Pretty complete and lightweight.

B. How to Install Vesta CP on CentOS

Vesta CP is another free control panel (made by Russian) allows you to have full solid and robust web hosting management panel on your server. Installation includes Apache as web server, Nginx as front-end proxy, mail server, FTP, and everything else you may need.

C. Quick Install Lighttpd on CentOS

Easiest way to install Lighttpd web server on CentOS.

D. Quick Install Complete LEMP Stack

Easiest way to install Nginx, MySQL and PHP5 (with fpm)

E. How to Install Kloxo-MR on CentOS

A complete guide about installing and configuring Kloxo-MR free control panel software. Kloxo-MR is a free web panel software bundled with awesome features not only Apache but also including Nginx, Varnish, multiple PHP version and more.

F. How to Install CentOS Web Panel

CWP is another free and easiest to use hosting control panel that will not only install full LAMP stack on your CentOS VPS but also Varnish Cache Server. This also supports multiple PHP version.

For more tricks and tips about CentOS vps can be explored here.

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