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How to Add New Website on Kloxo-MR CP

So you installed Kloxo-MR already on your VPS and did some basic configuration tasks needed before you can host your website on your server powered with Kloxo-MR as web-based control panel. But how can you do that? Using a web panel / hosting control panel makes it easier to manage your server along with necessary softwares including the web server, mysql/database server, DNS server, and so on. So adding your first website to host with Kloxo-MR is also easy.

Just make sure you firstly:

  1. Install Kloxo-MR CP following my guide before.
  2. Setup basic configuration for Kloxo-MR

Basic Steps to Add New Website On Kloxo-MR

Step 1 – As always, go ahead login back to Kloxo-MR control panel using either admin or custom user created earlier (and assigned to a hosting plan you defined – read back my previous guide).


You’ll then see the familiar Kloxo-MR dashboard page for that user (something like this):


Step 2 – Now you can add your first website via the “Domain” tab:


Then type in your Domain name along with other necessary options following by clicking the Add button:


Once done, you’ll see this message appears in the top right corner


Step 3 – Double-check the DNS entries of the newly added website. Click “manage DNS” menu in Domain section:


From there you can add / delete records or simply make sure everything is fine.


Step 4 – Now you can point your domain to your server by firstly register NS1 and NS2.yourdomain.tld at your registrar (more information here).

Step 5 – Next, let’s say you’ve developed a ready-to-use and ready-to-upload website. What next to do is to move your websites files from your local computer to your server. Open up File Manager under Resource section:


Once the File Manager page appears, from there you can manage all your website’s files including some common tasks like creating new files, folders, copy-n-pasting files, deleting and even zipping. As this is your first time adding website, so it should be blank but you’ll see your site’s name directory there. Click on it to enter to that directory.


Next, click the “Upload” tab in the top:


From that page you can choose to upload via 3 available methods: Normal, FTP and Remote Upload. In this case I choose Normal method via traditional upload button (click Browse > choose the file > click Upload). However you can try all of those methods, that’s up to you.

Step 6 – To make the whole upload process faster, you better also setup FTP account. Click the FTP Users menu (Or via Task menu > FTP Users) and create one.


Once created, you can then use your favorite FTP Client like FileZilla to upload and manage your files.

That’s it. I believe everything else is pretty much explanatory. If you already get used to CPanel then you should also be familiar with Kloxo-MR. Do not hesitate to drop your comment below and let me know at which part you don’t understand. Do not forget to follow me on twitter.


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